Whatsapp Enlightenment!

A sudden enlightenment came to me last week. Every day, once I wake up and open my mobile, I find these Whatsapp notifications. Initially when I got into this latest and greatest communication system, I used to feel proud and excited. Oh, my! So many people in my contact, so much of information, so much of affection and concern over me to send so much details and forwards.

Slowly, this feeling started to wane off. The same notifications started to look like monsters for me. So much of forwards, so much of advise, so much of life quotes, so much of flowery good morning messages! Approximately it used to take minimum one hour to clear up all the notifications, check emails and start off the day!

My mind started to ask myself! Is it worth to spend 60 precious minutes of a every beautiful morning! Is it good to gobble up so much information within such short time? Is it good to learn life lessons by reading the mood driven quotes sent by some friend, who got broke up with her boyfriend? Or, in reverse, If I post something, people follow my mood, my personal life gets exposed easily.

I hated to imagine, as if my privacy is being exposed with my permission, apart from other side effects such as time loss, stress, anxiety, depression etc. due to so many forwards, quotes, medical miracle forwards etc. etc…

Hey! A sudden decision sparkled! Left all the groups from Whatsapp on a fine morning! Yes! Indeed! I did it. Initially for 2-3 hours, fingers automatically tapped Whatsapp! Oh! No messages! Mind cribbed for a while! No one for me, mind said! Fingers, body and soul together kept on searching for something!

Most needed poster of the era!

But after a day, what a sense of relief! I started to opt for my own choice of options, to spend my quality time. Had fun with the neighbor’s kid. Read a book! Smiled at someone in the lift. Greeted the security guard! Got away from gossips, too much information, unnecessary forwards, depressing videos, facts with no facts etc.

I see the so called Whatsapp groups, has lost the meaning of its purpose which is primarily meant for communication. In the name of communication it is eating our my precious living moments all together. Family groups which are meant to pass love and affection are pouring advise and life quote videos. Friends groups which are supposed to have fun and laughter has started to forward inappropriate videos leading to so much of waste of time.

Yes! Coming out of social media is good and that too from Whatsapp groups is too good in many ways! One could read books, watch real butterfly in their own garden, see the sun peeping out of clouds, enjoy rain and so on, can be done which will bring real life pleasure than watching a no nonsense video laying on your bed!

Just as my soul, my mobile also got lightened and performs well, due to zero download of media and photos!

I see a new life now!

Visiting patients – Ethics

Visiting a patient is not for marking attendance but to wish for their speedy recovery !

Sometimes I feel visiting patients at hospital has become a JAC..Just a ceremony. With the stamp of ‘dears & nears’ people try visiting an ailing or recovering patients. They see to that that they visited the patient and mark their attendance for name sake. Why this fake mask? I always feel.

Some ethics needs to be followed while visiting an ailing patient. First rule of thumb is a crowd should never be made. Related people should talk to each other in this whatsapp age and plan their visit. Like a bunch of lemons, everyone should not assemble and roll over on the patient. Never try to use this opportunity as a family get together event.


It has become a pattern that if one hears about someone is ill, it is very much needed to immediately call on them and show their concern. Actually its not necessary in this skype , whatsapp or internet age. Its a curt to call on the patient’s attender rather than calling the patient itself. No one follows this rule. They call the patient directly and hit on them, and drag the call by saying ‘you should not be talking and need to take rest’, they suck out all the information starting from hospital expenses to the type of ailment. People wants information. Information is power. Agree. But not in certain specific junctures in life.

A patient once reached home is not allowed with proper rest. In the name of  ‘concern’ people call on them and disturb by keep saying they dont want to disturb at all. If its a sunday , the crowd doubles up since they cannot come on other days. If there is a real concern patient’s attender should they discuss with before coming. Ask about the comfort of the patient and before buying something for the patient, they should be aware of what the patient can take and what not from the attender.

Yes. Visiting a patient is not for marking attendance but to wish for their speedy recovery !

Do you agree?