Hear your conscious not your mind!

Do we all have the responsibility to leave our healthier footprints to the next generation in this society?

I read somewhere, hear your conscious, not your mind! If we do so, we could create a healthier society with a nice atmosphere.

Do you agree?

Mind thinks intellectually and only about you. Mind can do only inward thinking. Only our conscious overrides mind and think about others around leading to an attitude towards helping others. It’s a practice and can be developed as a habit.

When it rains hard, and all shops are closed, if a neighbour asks for a cup of milk for their kid, have you observed your mind by then? Your mind will immediately respond  with an inner voice, ‘hey, you might need this for the evening’. At the same time conscious would say ‘hey, it’s for a kid. You will not die, if you don’t drink a cup of milk in the evening’, and end up in sharing the milk to a kid as a tiny-winy help.

You are at a bank or some similar kind of public office. You are filling up a form. Someone is nearing to your personal space and asks you, if you could spare your pen for a while. Have you observed? Your mind will say, ‘what if this stranger takes away my pen?”. At the same time conscious would wake up and say, ‘hey, it’s just a pen. What am I going to lose if he takes it away” and end up in sharing the pen as a small help.


You are on a super market billing counter. The person in front of you is having some problem to get his billing cleared due to a small penny change. Have you observed? Your conscious would say, “why don’t you give that small change and clear the billing counter as well help the person in front of you? At the same time your mind would say, “why should I care about other people’s problem ?” At this moment if conscious overrides, the billing counter would clear soon and a cool environment will be created around.

We could write n number of situations like this. If we all listen to our consciousness, and think about others for a fraction of second in little things, human society will be healthier than now with a pleasant atmosphere. We could leave great footprints to this world when we leave it to the next generation!

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