Does women volunteer themselves to be equal?

Have you ever thought what kind of activities a woman cannot do in this gadget filled mechanized world? Women has been projected that they can do everything as equal to the opposite sex and they are capable of executing them with a charm. Yes. off course. We can do anything and everything as long as we apply our mind and soul into it, as well show interest in doing. Otherwise, there is a easy way of escapism shown by us stating, we can’t do it and it is ‘men’s job’ πŸ™‚


Recently, I visited one of my friends’ place. They were on move on that day to a different apartment. My friend has one son and a daughter. Both of them are almost of same age. When the movers came, my friend’s son automatically volunteered to move the heavy weight items. Daughter was just watching it by sitting on the sofa and seriously browsing something on her phone.

I asked my friend, is it not stereo typing girls by not asking them to do heavy lifting jobs? My friend said, no..let her enjoy life. Anyways life is going to show her many ups and downs in future. At least let her relax now when she is living with us.

What a parity?

Talking about equality is very much opportunistic I felt. Tell me friends, there are still such ‘Men’s job’ right? πŸ™‚


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