Power – A solid word to define a woman

Once a wise person asked a group of people gathered in a mall, a most happening place where people run towards everything which gets attracted by their eyes and not by their brains. What is the purpose of this life?

One young person told to drink and enjoy! Another told the purpose is to make money. Another told the purpose is to wear new clothes. In a mall what else one could say?

The wise person told, hello friends the purpose of life is not to dine, wine or to generate money. The purpose is to breathe always, grow yourself, reproduce,  and die. 3 simple things which god has given everyone to do it. Due to technology advancements one could restrict it. But no change in almighty’s wish though.

Reproduce… yes reproduce. We are entitled to reproduce, which any other animal, worm or insect does. We are of no different from them.

In stone age, women were seen only as a reproduction engine and men were supposed to hunt and feed them. Then came all the ages to add extra fittings of life which is quite not needed for a quality life. We are at the technology age which has made everyone to run for money to get these extra fittings to live happily. But are we happy?

Happiness is a relative term, many says. Happiness comes from inside and cannot be bought, so called corporate gurus crows about it. According to me happiness comes from power one holds. Where can one get power?


Power is nothing but energy. It comes from girl children. Girls are not just girls. Bundle of joy, energy and thereby one gets happiness. Inherently they have power to achieve everything and anything they want to. They are stamped as weaker sex only by our fellow humans. When a girl is born it does not says ‘hey I am weaker sex’. The ‘same weaker sex’ is required by men in many stages for a quality life. A girl morph as many form – as a sister, girl friend, a well grown woman, a mother, a mother in law, a grand mother to provide various forms of happiness to the fellow human called man.

This woman power is required at many levels in life for every one. Woman is not a simple word to be uttered and passed through. It has so many meanings to different junctures of life. In this technology age too, many makes sarcasms by saying ‘woman’.  In many households still we see a boy child is given with all the nourishments and the girl child is ignored. But still girl child is the one who is entitled to generate this human kind.

Yes. We need power !!!

Will write more about this power ……

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