Visiting patients – Ethics

Visiting a patient is not for marking attendance but to wish for their speedy recovery !

Sometimes I feel visiting patients at hospital has become a JAC..Just a ceremony. With the stamp of ‘dears & nears’ people try visiting an ailing or recovering patients. They see to that that they visited the patient and mark their attendance for name sake. Why this fake mask? I always feel.

Some ethics needs to be followed while visiting an ailing patient. First rule of thumb is a crowd should never be made. Related people should talk to each other in this whatsapp age and plan their visit. Like a bunch of lemons, everyone should not assemble and roll over on the patient. Never try to use this opportunity as a family get together event.


It has become a pattern that if one hears about someone is ill, it is very much needed to immediately call on them and show their concern. Actually its not necessary in this skype , whatsapp or internet age. Its a curt to call on the patient’s attender rather than calling the patient itself. No one follows this rule. They call the patient directly and hit on them, and drag the call by saying ‘you should not be talking and need to take rest’, they suck out all the information starting from hospital expenses to the type of ailment. People wants information. Information is power. Agree. But not in certain specific junctures in life.

A patient once reached home is not allowed with proper rest. In the name of ย ‘concern’ people call on them and disturb by keep saying they dont want to disturb at all. If its a sunday , the crowd doubles up since they cannot come on other days. If there is a real concern patient’s attender should they discuss with before coming. Ask about the comfort of the patient and before buying something for the patient, they should be aware of what the patient can take and what not from the attender.

Yes. Visiting a patient is not for marking attendance but to wish for their speedy recovery !

Do you agree?

OMG! I have no clothes !!!

OMG! I have no clothes…a scream which always and constantly heard at homes blessed with teenage to all age girls ๐Ÿ™‚

80/20 rule is strictly applied here. 80% of the time we girls wear only 20% of our dresses available in our wardrobe. Do we agree?

My evolution from a teenage girl to a married girl to a mother to a mother in law and to-be grandma, I have felt the same, everytime whenever I open my wardrobe. OMG…I have no clothes!!! and No space for my clothes !!!


Why this feeling?

I have observed 99% of the girls don’t maintain their wardrobes and a waterfalls technique is followed by the wardrobes once it is opened. So the good clothes gets entangled at some corners and never be visible at the right time or appropriate occassions leading to buy a new one. Especiallay t-shirts, thin nylon based dresses and such kind of clothes easily hide somewhere. If we consistently keep them intact, we could find them but when they gets hidden how to find them ???

It could be due to our constant weight changes which leads to OMG! I have no clothes!!! Whenever we buy new clothes, we tend to buy smaller size, by listening to our mind voice, which states, “From tomorrow diet diet and diet…and reduce to this size” . Once home, see a cake and elevate the hip and conveniently forget to drop to the size envisioned at the clothe store …

Or, it could be our mindset and preferences varies season to season and time to time. Oh this color, i dont like to wear this occassion, oh this neck line, not suited for evening..oh this does not have a hip belt..oh the top has lost its color etc.etc… how much of preferences in style and appearance varies from season to season.

A girl’s mind always attracted towards a cloth shop and end up in buying a new one which is inevitable and happens….

So OMG! I have no clothes!!! will be a constant scream and would never end in a girl’s life…

Unless……… an idea pops up in my mind….

All cloth stores should sell ‘use and throw’ dresses in different, trendy, colourful patterns and styles. Girls will buy, use for an occassion and throw it into the bin and no need for maintaining a costlier wardrobe too. So much of money is spent on marriage reception dresses and other events which a girl does not even touch those for another time. So why worry if there is a ‘Use and throw’ shop ๐Ÿ™‚

Envisioning an ‘use and throw’ shop sooner or later displayed with trendy clothes and can be easily ordered ‘on demand’. Leaves also could be considered …just for a change

What do you say my friends?

Does women volunteer themselves to be equal?

Have you ever thought what kind of activities a woman cannot do in this gadget filled mechanized world? Women has been projected that they can do everything as equal to the opposite sex and they are capable of executing them with a charm. Yes. off course. We can do anything and everything as long as we apply our mind and soul into it, as well show interest in doing. Otherwise, there is a easy way of escapism shown by us stating, we can’t do it and it is ‘men’s job’ ๐Ÿ™‚


Recently, I visited one of my friends’ place. They were on move on that day to a different apartment. My friend has one son and a daughter. Both of them are almost of same age. When the movers came, my friend’s son automatically volunteered to move the heavy weight items. Daughter was just watching it by sitting on the sofa and seriously browsing something on her phone.

I asked my friend, is it not stereo typing girls by not asking them to do heavy lifting jobs? My friend said, no..let her enjoy life. Anyways life is going to show her many ups and downs in future. At least let her relax now when she is living with us.

What a parity?

Talking about equality is very much opportunistic I felt. Tell me friends, there are still such ‘Men’s job’ right? ๐Ÿ™‚


Power – A solid word to define a woman

Once a wise person asked a group of people gathered in a mall, a most happening place where people run towards everything which gets attracted by their eyes and not by their brains. What is the purpose of this life?

One young person told to drink and enjoy! Another told the purpose is to make money. Another told the purpose is to wear new clothes. In a mall what else one could say?

The wise person told, hello friends the purpose of life is not to dine, wine or to generate money. The purpose is to breathe always, grow yourself, reproduce,ย  and die. 3 simple things which god has given everyone to do it. Due to technology advancements one could restrict it. But no change in almighty’s wish though.

Reproduce… yes reproduce. We are entitled to reproduce, which any other animal, worm or insect does. We are of no different from them.

In stone age, women were seen only as a reproduction engine and men were supposed to hunt and feed them. Then came all the ages to add extra fittings of life which is quite not needed for a quality life. We are at the technology age which has made everyone to run for money to get these extra fittings to live happily. But are we happy?

Happiness is a relative term, many says. Happiness comes from inside and cannot be bought, so called corporate gurus crows about it. According to me happiness comes from power one holds. Where can one get power?


Power is nothing but energy. It comes from girl children. Girls are not just girls. Bundle of joy, energy and thereby one gets happiness. Inherently they have power to achieve everything and anything they want to. They are stamped as weaker sex only by our fellow humans. When a girl is born it does not says ‘hey I am weaker sex’. The ‘same weaker sex’ is required by men in many stages for a quality life. A girl morph as many form – as a sister, girl friend, a well grown woman, a mother, a mother in law, a grand mother to provide various forms of happiness to the fellow human called man.

This woman power is required at many levels in life for every one.ย Woman is not a simple word to be uttered and passed through. It has so many meanings to different junctures of life. In this technology age too, many makes sarcasms by saying ‘woman’.ย  In many households still we see a boy child is given with all the nourishments and the girl child is ignored. But still girl child is the one who is entitled to generate this human kind.

Yes. We need power !!!

Will write more about this power ……